Smalland; The Amber Valleys, Coming 16/10

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Prepare to embark into...the Amber Valleys

North of the Forbidden Monuments, where not even the Eagle is foolish enough to patrol, is home to a much more malicious menagerie of chitinous creatures...Smallfolk will need to expand their firepower and gain new wisdom if they wish to survive...

Begin the next stage of the Smallfolk story on 16/10/23

The scorched sands of the Amber Valleys are a marked contrast to the lush greenery you're used to. In corroded caves, across rugged roads, await new threats, fights and frights! So why not take solace at the Oasis, maybe even set up a small outpost and savour your time in the sun, you're a long way away from the Burrows now!

But you know who isn't far from home? The Aetherin. Those you encountered among the Forbidden Monuments were mere scouts, the Amber Valleys are much closer to their home...

One key thing to learn is that the Aetherin of the Valleys defend their airspace with ruthless efficiency. Using explosive firesand they have constructed turrets to shoot down anyone who tries to encroach on their territory by air.

Don't worry - these turrets may knock your beloved bird out of the sky, but they won't kill them. At least, not immediately. You'll want to set out on foot to lure the Aetherin warriors out of the turrets. Defeat them, and the turret will be permanently deactivated, creating a pocket of safe airspace for your high-flying adventures.

Though, powerful as they are, the Aetherin aren't the dominant threat in this barren land. They worship a new and deadly creature, unique to the Amber Valleys.

We have more to come tomorrow, with details on the local wildlife, including creatures unlike anything the Smallfolk have battled before!