Smalland is a huge adventure on a tiny scale! A multiplayer survival game in a vast & hazardous world. Preparation is key when you're this small, surrounded by massive creatures & at the bottom of the food chain. Craft weapons & armour, build encampments & discover the history of a strange new land.

"There was a time when we lived freely under the Sun and Moon, before the time of the giants. This history has passed down from generation to generation so we can see them again, even if only in dreams. But now we are ready to return to the surface and you, vanguard, will lead the way..."

Explore the vast “Land of the Small”. Traverse lake sized puddles, scale skyscraper sized trees, battle or tame creatures, discover the dense dark forests and the strange metallic monoliths left over from before.

Discover hidden resources and craft armour, weapons, and shelters and more. Build an encampment and upgrade it into a settlement. Collect customisable outfits and armour that not only provide you with resistances and abilities, but also allow you to personalise as you team up with friends in a co-op PVE environment.

Survive the dangers of Smalland's world from the living animals to the changing weather. Most of the creatures you encouter will see you as lower on the food chain - Birds, Rats, Lizards, and Spiders will all see you as a tasty food source!

Weather conditions and seasons are in constant flux - this not only affects your health but also dynamically changes the flora and fauna of the world. If you want to survive for another day preparation is key!


  • A huge open, sandbox-world to explore from a tiny perspective

  • Build bases and shelters with a host of upgrades and customisations

  • Discover the lore behind Smalland through quests and the hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world

  • Dynamic weather and random events organically create hazardous situations or fortunate events

  • Player upgrades and customisation, earn and unlock new abilities

  • Creature factions: Work alongside creatures, gain their trust, earn allies and mounts

  • Solo, PVE, and PVP gameplay

Coming soon|Survival


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