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A cornerstone of video game mechanics.

Most of our beloved characters need some help along the way. Whether it’s a mushroom, a power pill, a crate, or even a cardboard box (we’re looking at you, Snake) they all need a little something to help them get to where they need to be.

We’re yours.

We’re your item drop. Your airstrike. Your P2. No cheat codes, no hacks, no pay to win. Just all the love and support you need to make amazing games. Work with Merge and your team ramps up like a giant Mecha formed of Marketing, Production, Commercial, Design, PR and Community units that connect up as a colossal robot with your game, your passion, at its heart.

Then, together, we take on the world!

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What our partners say

Steve Filby

They’ve helped us unlock an achievement we’ve been dreaming of since we published our first game. Great people!

Steve Filby, Motion Twin Retail and Signature Edition publishing of ‘Dead Cells’

Jon Cartwright

Merge have been more than a publisher to us... they understood our game is our pride and joy.

Jon Cartwright, Prideful Sloth Digital, Retail and Signature Edition publishing of ‘Yonder’