Smalland: Giant's Fall Update

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Smalland: Giant's Fall Update

Greetings Smallfolk, we've been hard at work on the roadmap for Smalland: Survive the WIlds and we're happy to announce our first content update; Giant's Fall.

The next stage of your Smalland adventure begins in the ruins of Giant's Fall, where the Historian will send you on a quest to retrieve an ancient tome, contained within which are secrets that will lead into the next chapters of the Smallfolk saga.

  • The pyrite greatsword featuring unique animations

  • The pyrite armour set

  • The new metal building tier with 32 pieces of building parts

  • The hornet mount, with new attack animations

  • The pyrite gathering resource, tied in with the new craft able tiers

  • Cosmetic vine building parts, along with a decorative flower

  • A new enemy, the plentiful colony spiders

  • A new gathering tool, the metal hatchet

  • Two new NPCs, the Historian and the Merchant

  • The Catapult, yes, something that throws you, your mount and your items very far, unlocked at Nok

  • The option to transfer all items of a type into a chest

  • Attacks now have input buffers, making combat feel smother

  • A new boundary 'feature'. If you attempt to go out of bounds, you may lose all of your inventory, so definitely don't see what happens when you try to go out of bounds now

  • A New attack for the King Stag beetle

  • Season settings not persisting on world menu when a world is reloaded.

  • Day settings not persisting on world menu when a world is reloaded.

  • An animation issue showing players sliding in the opposite direction

  • Poison duration not showing up

  • Addressed a cause of the map's fog of war not showing

  • Addressed a cause of map waymarks resetting

  • Fixes to face-paint displaying incorrectly

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