First Offical Gameplay Trailer

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First Offical Gameplay Trailer

Hey everyone!

It's finally here!! We have been itching to share this with you for weeks, it's been hard to keep quiet!

We've enjoyed sharing a range of updates on the game with you over the last few months, but we have something quite special for you today.

We are ecstatic to be able to share with you the first official Smalland trailer from Merge Games. We hope this gives you a sense of the game that we want to deliver to you later this year.

Discover what became of the surface world as you and your comrades explore this vast open world. climb skyscraper-sized trees, build rudimentary shelters (at the start), craft powerful armour with unique abilities, complete quests to aid your people and discover seemingly abandoned locations now reclaimed by nature.

Key Features
  • A huge open, sandbox-world to explore from a tiny perspective

  • Build bases and shelters with a host of upgrades and customisations

  • Discover the lore behind SMALLAND through quests and the hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world

  • Dynamic weather and random events organically create hazardous situations or fortunate events

  • Player upgrades and customisation, craft powerful armour to earn and unlock new abilities

  • Creature factions: Work alongside creatures, gain their trust, earn allies and mounts

The love the community has shown us as we've been building the world of Smalland and sharing progress with you has been wonderful, and we appreciate the community so much. Please share the trailer far and wide as we'd love to bring Smalland to as many people as possible.

We always love to hear your feedback so be sure to let us know what you think. We're coming to early access this year so be sure to follow us for updates!