The World of SunnySide - Episode 2: Building

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The World of SunnySide - Episode 2: Building

Episode 2 is here! Lets dive deep into everything ABA and building.

Welcome to Episode 2 of The World of SunnySide - where we'll be taking a deep dive into all things building. Check out the brand new video exclusively on Nintendo Life!

Farming is great, but what is a homestead without buildings? You won’t just need to house all those adorable animals you plan on raising, but you need a home too! Your delightful neighbor may have been kind enough to pitch your starter tent your first night in SunnySide, but you’re going to need 4 walls and some power if you plan on cooking any meals in the future.

Planning your homestead, and making sure you have enough resources to build the home of your dreams, can be quite the daunting task! But lucky for you, there is another single bachelor in town who loves all things technology! With the help of Hiro’s proprietary Aerial Building Assistant drone, or ABA, you can plan your homestead to your heart’s content, all before chopping down a single tree!

Using ABA, you can place chicken coops, barns, animal beds, feeders, planters, fences, and even decide where your first home will go! Once you’ve placed your blueprints, pin the materials to your phone’s home screen, and you’ll never have to wonder how much wood or metal you’ll need to complete your dream home.

Already have the materials? No problem! Simply check “Build from inventory”, and every blueprint you place will be built in the blink of an eye. Need to move something? Go for it! Every buildable object can be picked up and moved in ABA’s build mode so you never need to worry about placing things by accident.

Ready for an upgrade? Congratulations on all your hard work! Now all you need to do is delete your old building, and any leftover resources will be automatically placed in your farm’s build station inventory.

Now that you’ve got the main bits built, it’s time to decorate! Chairs, tables, lights, decorations, pathways, and more are all available, either through your build menu, crafting station, or even the appliance store in town.