The Invincible | Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC

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The Invincible | Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC

Merge Games and 11 Bit Studios are pleased to reveal their latest game, The Invincible. It is an atompunk mystery (a what now?) game. It is a profound and deep story-driven adventure. Also, it takes inspiration from the hard sci-fi universe novels written by of the iconic author, Stanisław Lem. 

The game will release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on to physical media later this year and pre-orders are open now. You can pre-order the signature edition on Signature Edition Games.

This is an Atompunk Mystery

The Invincible is a first-person game that’s based on the motifs of The Invincible. If you’re not in the know, this is an iconic novel from Polish futurologist Stanisław Lem. 

We take on the role of an esteemed scientist and the game will have places like Regis III which we are not prepared for, and it is not prepared for us!

The Invincible

The game will contain a philosophically deep narrative and a futuristic adventure as players search for a missing crew and face unforeseen threats. Being tangled in a space race, the crew and Yasna end up on the unexplored planet Regis III.

There will be two versions of the physical release, the Standard Edition and the Signature Edition.

The Signature Edition of The Invincible includes:

  • Physical game with special edition outer sleeve 

  • 3D glasses and anaglyph postcards 

  • ‘The Invincible’ art poster 

  • Embroidered patch and set of 4 enamel pins 

  • Original comic book including concept art and digital soundtrack 

  • Pocket notebook 

  • Signature edition box 

You can watch the trailer below.