Publisher Announcement: Dimfrost Studio & Merge Games

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Publisher Announcement: Dimfrost Studio & Merge Games

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hard one to keep quiet about but we are so excited to announce that we are partnering with the incredibly talented team at Dimfrost Studio to publish Bramble: The Mountain King

We’re so excited to take you on a journey through the beautiful yet deadly forests of Bramble and introduce you to the creatures inspired by Nordic folklore tales that call them home. Some may be quite friendly, but there are plenty with far more sinister motives…

Bramble: The Mountain King featured in the 7th GamesRadar Future Games Showcase with a special deep dive into the lore behind one of the terrifying creatures you must contend with.

The Nacken had an innocuous beginning in life, a simple man who loved to play the violin, but as with all good dark fairy-tale stories, things took a sinister turn and the world was left with the fearsome Nacken, living in a lake luring people to their death with its enchanting music.

Find out more in Bramble: Origins – The Näcken.

The showcase was a fantastic look at some great games coming in 2022 and it was wonderful to highlight Bramble: The Mountain King as a standout title in the event.

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