Pre-order Spells & Secrets

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Pre-order Spells & Secrets

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce that pre-orders are now LIVE for physical copies of Spells & Secrets on PS5 and Nintendo Switch!

You can pre-order your copy now on the Signature Edition Games website.

Pre-order for PS5

Pre-order for Nintendo Switch

Prefer to have digital copies of games? PS5 users can Wishlist Spells & Secrets on PS5 now!

Steam users - don’t forget to follow and wishlist Spells & Secrets on Steam! It’s a great way to support our teams and keep up to date on all the amazing things happening in the school of Greifenstein.

We can’t wait to bring the endless rogue-like fun of Spells & Secrets to you, and we’ll be back again soon with more news.

Until then, see you soon!