Pixelshire Demo - Available Now!

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Pixelshire Demo - Available Now!

We have some exciting news to bring you, all the way from Arcadia!

Pixelshire is going to be a part of the Steam Next Fest - running February 6th to 13th!

A new Pixelshire demo will be featured through this event available to play

But, what’s more, because we love this incredible community so much, we’re giving you all a special treat…

We’re giving you the chance to play the demo early! Head on over to Steam and play the new Pixelshire demo NOW!

Download and play the demo here.

The demo allows players to experience the first 5 days of Pixelshire, giving you a taste of terraforming, building, farming, fishing and much more. Meet NPCs, complete quests and experience what life can be like in Pixelshire.

This is a demo of an Early Access game, so there may be some bugs here and there. We would love to get your feedback on this demo, so please make sure to let us know what you think!

In the Steam Discussions, we will have a forum thread for player to leave feedback on the demo, as well as to report any pesky bugs you may find.

Thank you for your amazing support throughout the development of Pixelshire, and we hope you enjoy this demo!