Upcoming In-game Festivals

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Upcoming In-game Festivals

Hi Everyone!

We want to talk to you all about our festivals on today's blog. The world of Monster Harvest is a vibrant and active place, and we wanted to communicate that to the Players by giving our townspeople some interesting activities.

Characters in our game have different behaviour depending on the weather and time of day, but on festival days most everyone in town will make their way to the Festival Grotto Northwest of town. Today we'd like to highlight the first two festivals, the Planimal Parade and the Night Festival.

The Planimal Parade kicks off on the 10th day of the Dry Season, and is our team's favourite. Since the town of Planimal Point is fascinated by the discovery of Planimals they decided to show off their creations! The townspeople rearrange the Grotto and transform it into a petting zoo of sorts. They'll even set up decorations in town.

For the Night Festival we wanted to come up with something that felt like a cozy camping trip for the whole town. The Night Festival takes place at night (of course) on the 18th of the Dry Season. You may notice when playing that each festival has a unique vendor. You'll definitely want to check out the merchant at this festival who will sell rare seeds for the next season which starts just a few days later.

Well there's many more festivals in the game but we won't spoil them for you! We hope you enjoyed the update and we look forward to hearing from you when we launch on August 19th!

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