PS4 & Switch Update

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PS4 & Switch Update

Hi folks!

We just recently have pushed update 1.05 to PS4 players. Amongst the smaller bug fixes in that patch, we had targetted an issue that a small number of players had encountered with navigating the main menu.

This patch does seem to address the issue, but in order for it to take effect you may, unfortunately, need to delete all save data from your console.

In order to do that, please follow these steps.
1. Activate your PS4 console and proceed to your home screen

2. Tab up on your controller to the cross-media bar, go to the right, and select Settings.

3. Choose "Application Saved Data Management".

4. Select "Saved Data in System Storage."

5. Choose "Delete".

6. From here select the saved data for Monster Harvest and follow the on-screen prompts.

You should find that after taking these steps you can start a new game and get to creating your own piece of Planimal Point.

It’s far from ideal having to delete save data, but we have tested vigorously internally, have engaged external testing to thoroughly test for this issue and we haven’t been able to replicate the problem, so we are very happy that we can get players back into the game.

Nintendo Switch Players! You will find that patch 1.04 is now available on Switch too. As with PS4, it has a number of small bug fixes and has the same fix for navigating the main menu.

There are more updates on the way, and we have some exciting stuff to share soon so stay tuned and thank you for playing Monster Harvest, we hugely appreciate the community that loves this game as much as we do.

If you are having any problems, or even just want to chat with other players, please come and join us on Discord where we have some dedicated channels for Monster Harvest.