Meet the Locals

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Meet the Locals

Hi Everyone!

This week we wanted to take a dive into some of our favorite characters that populate the world of Monster Harvest. Each one can be befreinded and have their own favorite hangouts - some tend shops and others are in town to start a new life and experiment with Slime. Which one of the three below do you like the most?

First up is Professor Spark, the player's uncle. If not for him we wouldn't have a game and of course he's a personal favorite! An absent minded scientist who discovered Slime and Planimals, he inadvertently started the town of Planimal Point when he made his marvelous discovery. He spends most of his time tinkering in his lab and over the course of the game he'll introduce you to a few of his inventions and some new mechanics as well.

Second is Professor Spark's son and your character's cousin, Jet. He's a bit of the opposite of his dad and is into sports and working out far more than science. Not exactly a chip off the old block but he's easily one of the most lovable characters and always good for a laugh.

And lastly (but not least) we have Whisper. She's new in town too, having just moved to Planimal Point with her brother Bishop. They both share a love of craftmanship and are responsible for most of the furniture you can buy around the town. They sell it themselves too in the forest east of town. A shy character, she'll open up more once she settles in.

Well that's it for today. If you liked this post and would like to know more about other characters than let us know, there's a lot more to talk about! Thanks for checking in and we hope you enjoyed!

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