Launch... and beyond!

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Launch... and beyond!

Hey everyone,

Today is the day many have been waiting for, Planimal Point is open!

It's been quite a ride getting here. Monster Harvest began, honestly, as quite a small project. The core concept of the game has always been a unique twist on the genre, but the more we showed the game to people, the more expectations grew and we adjusted the scope of the project to align better with those rising expectations.

Hence Monster Harvest was delayed a number of times whilst we worked on expanding the scope of the game and working in features requested by the growing community, feedback from early beta testing, and realizing further ambitions for just what Monster Harvest could be. Building upon a concept is a road lined with pitfalls, and this is why we took the increasingly harder decision to delay rather than try to rush out with features packed in without doing the necessary testing.

A lot of testing took place, but there's no testing that comes near the efficacy of opening up the game to the public. We're seeing from early reviewers that a number of bugs still made their way into the final product, and we wanted to let you know this and to assure you that we're working hard to squash these bugs. We have a bug reporting thread pinned in the Steam forums and welcome anyone to join the Merge Games Discord and use our bug reporting bot there.

We also want to tell you that the launch for Monster Harvest is really only the beginning. Ongoing bug fixes will happen, but the support for Monster Harvest will go further than that. The strength of the community around Monster Harvest has been truly wonderful and is very humbling. We love Monster Harvest just as much as you, and we have lots of exciting plans in-store, so watch this space and start making plans to settle down in Planimal Point! This is version 1.0, there’s lots more to come and we’re very excited about the future of Monster Harvest!

So with all that said, what can you look forward to next in Planimal Point?

Our first update is our Festivals Update

The festival update aims to expand the existing festivals in the game with minigames, new character interactions, and rewards.

The festival update aims to expand the existing festivals in the Monster Harvest with minigames, new character interactions, and rewards. We’ll be expanding all festivals across Planimal Point and dynamically update the world to match the festivities. We'll also be including festival specific decorations and more...

  • New minigames

  • New character interactions

  • New rewards.

We'll also be including festival specific decorations and more…

Homemaker Update

A new shop is opening up in Planimal Point! But what does that entail...?

And more to come… Stay tuned!


What is planned for the future of Monster Harvest?

We have detailed this in a Steam community post! Long story short there is a lot planned, you can find the full details here.

Will Monster Harvest have multiplayer?

We think Monster Harvest is best experienced as a single-player experience. We do take all your feedback on board though and consider many community requests for future updates!

Is there an invite link for this server where I can ask other questions not answered here?

What platforms is Monster Harvest available on?

Monster Harvest is currently available on PC, Switch, PS4 & XB1

Is there Romance in the game?

Not currently

Will there be mod/workshop support?

There are currently no plans for this

Does the game have cloud-saving on Steam?

Unfortunately not at the moment

Will there be controller support?

Yes, the game has full controller support.

How is Monster Harvest different from other games in the genre?

There are some fantastic games in the genre and there are of course similarities between Monster Harvest and other pixel art farming games! The developers enjoy a range of titles in the genre and are incredibly excited to bring their own contributions to fans. What makes Monster Harvest truly unique, is that it adds the excitement of a monster battle game with RPG elements to add some action to the peace and quiet.

We definitely do some things differently and hope that fans of the genre might find something a little different to enjoy in Planimal Point!

What languages will Monster Harvest be available in?

The game will be available in:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Korean

I’m a content creator/influencer - who can I speak to about access to Monster Harvest?

Reach out to us at [email protected] - we’re humbled by the volume of requests we get for Monster Harvest so please bear with us if there is a delay in responding to you.

Thanks so much for reading and for coming on the Monster Harvest journey with us!