Day 1 Update

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Day 1 Update

Hey everyone,

We wanted to give an update on what we’ve been working on and what you can expect from us over the week.

First off, we sincerely apologise for the issues players have been having. We don't take your trust in choosing to buy our game lightly and we're working fast to turn things around.

Hotfix #1 is live now on Steam. The approval process for patches and updates various on different platforms and can take a bit longer, but we are working as fast as we can to get these out ASAP.

There are a number of bugs we’re working on as priority fixes including some commonly reported issues:

  • An issue with save games on various platforms - This is our top priority.

  • Text & UI being too small on Switch, especially in hand-held mode

  • Unable to progress past the main menu on Xbox - This is a known issue with the platform and we’re working with Microsoft to fix it. The temporary workaround is to reboot your console and restart the game.

  • Trophies not showing up on PlayStation - This should be resolved, you may still not see images but we’ll continue to monitor this until confident it’s 100% fixed.

  • All platforms - XP Progression halted after crafting a blue potion - Working on as a priority fix.

  • All platforms - Sometimes spawning into a dungeon traps the player inside a body of water - This is being worked on as a critical fix.

Certain platforms may take a while to get updates out due to various different approval processes for patches, but we are working to make these happen ASAP.

Every report submitted is being reviewed, alongside your general gameplay feedback and suggestions.

Additional note for Steam users!
Steam users who are experiencing the save game issue, if you are able to share your game data folder with us it would help enormously in getting the issue rectified.

Anyone able to assist with this just needs to follow these instructions

  • Open any windows explorer window and paste the following into the search bar %appdata%/../LocalLow/Maple Powered Games

  • You will see a folder called Monster harvest

  • Right-click and select ‘zip’ or utilise whatever zipping tool you use.

  • Email the zipped folder to us at [email protected] - Please put in the email title - ‘Monster Harvest Save Issue Game Data’

Thank you in advance, this information will help massively in getting a fix in place for this.

Thanks again for playing and we looking forward to sharing more updates with you.