Time on Frog Island - Meet the Village Chief

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Time on Frog Island - Meet the Village Chief

Meet The Village Chief!

The Village Chief is a young axolotl who has only recently taken over the “throne” from his father. It is unclear why the monarchy on the island are axolotls instead of frogs, but the role of the village chief has slowly become more and more ceremonial so the townsfolk don’t pay too much attention to the chief on a day to day basis.

Concept Art

This lack of attention didn’t bother The Village Chief much when he was merely a prince, but he is often offended by the frog's indifference and lack of special treatment now that he is “in charge” making him a bit of a brat sometimes.

The Sailor’s appearance initially worries The Village Chief, the response from his guards lets him know that this creature is a potential threat and that scares him a little. The Village Chief slowly warms up to The Sailor as he sees the strange creature help out around the island. Maybe that is the best way to gain the respect of the frogs that he craves so much?

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