Welcome to the Neterun Galaxy

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Welcome to the Neterun Galaxy

Welcome, raiders!

We're blown away by the reception to Haunted Space and we're so excited to share more of the game with you. We thought we would kick this off by introducing you the setting of the game and some some lore on the Neterun Galaxy.

Thousands of years or so before the coming of the human empire the Netererun galaxy was inhabited by neterunians. They were bigger than humans, with a high sense of spirituality and very fond of technology.

They worshipped great sources of energy, like stars, the three Ho-Yrys (jade stones relics that radiate uncontrollable power), the fives Armillae (vessels containing the knowledge to handle any form of energy and filled with energy themselves).

Neterunian technology is blended with organic matter, both for practical reasons and because it was a way to elevate technology itself.

When the Armillae arrived in the Neterun Galaxy, the neterunian rulers decided not to use their power, for it was too risky and too unstable. However the first advisor of the rulers (called the Healer) wanted to use that power to make neterunians unstoppable. Eventually he managed to steal the Armillae and he tried to control the power of the jade stones with them.

Unfortunately, the Healer failed, a huge burst of energy occurred and a mysterious plague spread among the neterunians, bringing death to their civilization.

Many centuries later the Human Empire colonized the Neterun Galaxy looking for sonic matter, but they noticed that something was lurking in the shadows of the galaxy. Not wanting to risk lives, they sent in special 'raiders' to accomplish this task. This is where you come in, a raider exploring the Neterun galaxy.

Who are the raiders, and why are they so suited to this task? We'll find out more on that later.

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