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Hey everyone!

We are very excited to welcome you into the futuristic world of FORECLOSED, available today!

Steam - https://bit.ly/3r3Jtx6

PlayStation - https://bit.ly/3hZR6BH

Xbox - https://bit.ly/2UN9l4B

Nintendo Switch - https://bit.ly/3qQ0OJK

Epic Games - https://bit.ly/3zxCM9y

Stadia - https://stadia.com/link/M4yJ4wDtpcVddTUa8

Follow the story of Evan Kapnos in this sleek comic-book styled game and unravel the conspiracy behind your identity foreclosure.

Master your experimental implants and unleash a range of powerful implant abilities.

Take control of the Symbiotic Pistol, a cutting-edge weapon tuned to your implants and take down your enemies with awesome weapon mods.

Uncover a gripping conspiracy story with the sleek visual aesthetic of comic books.

Check out the exciting launch trailer!

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