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Comics in Context

Hey everyone!

Today we want to talk to you about the comic and graphic novel inspirations that went into FORECLOSED.

Utilising comic panels the story is delivered in a very seamless way, so the transition from action to story is very smooth and maintains a level of pace that reflects Evan Kapnos’ sense of urgency as he battles to reclaim his ID debt.

There’s a few different ways that we bring the comic book aesthetic into FORECLOSED;

A classic trope of comics is action words & sound effects in big and bold lettering, and we wanted to reflect that in the action sequences of the game.

You’ll find some different action words for different weapon skills to emphasize the variety and different effects.

The story is delivered to the player in a comic panel style that is very engaging. At various points, the player controls Evan through these scenes which bridges the gap between action & story in a very organic way.

The comic book stylings in the action scenes combined with the comic strip story sequences give you a sense of playing through a live graphic novel, we can’t wait to invite you to experience this story for yourself!

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