Extra Firepower

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Extra Firepower

Hey everyone!

We wanted to share some combat tips with you , to show you a couple of different options at your disposal when you need a bit of extra kick in a firefight in FORECLOSED.

One option is to utilise Evan's experimental implants and to select the telekinesis power. Using telekinesis you can hurl a large object at enemies, sure to take down anyone in its path.

The added bonus to this is that it also gives Evan some temporary cover, so it's a great tactical manoeuvre to turn the tide of battle!

Another option would be to use Evan's trusty sidearm, the Symbiotic Pistol. On it's own, it's a reliable weapon and reasonably poweful, its real strength though is in the range of upgrades available. You could select and install the machine gun upgrade, and when activated Evan will unleash a storm of bullets.

Be careful though, you can't keep the trigger pressed down for too long! The Symbiotic Pistol is directly linked to Evan's implants and prolonged usage will cause them to overheat. If you let that happen then Evan will be totally helpless for a brief time.

Let us know what approach you prefer!

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