DNFC hatches out of Early Access on Sep 28th!

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DNFC hatches out of Early Access on Sep 28th!

Fire up those grills and slip into your Hazmat suits!

Why? Because Definitely Not Fried Chicken is 🐣 hatching 🐣 out of Early Access on September 28th!

Together with developer Dope Games, we are excited to announce that our Breaking Bad inspired business management simulator, ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken’ will be launching on PC from 28th September!

Available in Early Access on Steam since January, ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken’ has responded to player feedback throughout the EA period with multiple content updates introducing new strains of meth, character items, story missions and more.

What’s new on the menu at v1.0? A whole bunch of dope new stuff!

  • New Drug Line & Variations (introducing…..COCAINE!)

  • 2 (yes, TWO!) new businesses for you to run very legitimately - try your hand at running your very own CASINO and NIGHTCLUB

  • New Truck Delivery vehicle - shift truckloads of your drugs!

  • 2 new Special Clients - who let NUNS and THE DEVIL HIMSELF in here?!

  • A shiny new UI update

But are we stopping there? No! Definitely Not Fried Chicken is really cooking now, as we look to the future beyond v1.0.

Become the narcotics overlord you always dreamed of and start your very own drugs empire today, in preparation for v1.0 Launch on September 28th!

Available Now on Steam in Early Access