Definitively not fried chicken EA date!

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Definitively not fried chicken EA date!

Hello all 'legitimate' enterprising business owners and dirty rapscallions trying to make a quick buck!

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is being served up into Early Access on January the 18th!

Key Features!

Grow both sides of your shady business in the criminal enterprising business-management game!

Develop your business!

Want to play your Breaking Bad fantasy? How about a Chicken Shop, Something more modern? Maybe Doughnuts are for you.

Maybe you're a fan of the classics and want to go with the Laundromat? With three fronts and three more to come over Early Access, you can choose your businesses

each with their different strengths and weaknesses.

Grow your strain!

Climb the ranks from a lowly Weed pusher to Cocaine Kingpin, each drug coming with it's own set of requirements, bigger profits, bigger costs and higher risks!

Leave a city in ruin!

Grow your business and destroy this Miami-inspired metropolis, compete against rival cartels and that pesky thing known as the law!

Meet a wide cast of characters from Aliens to AI Engineers, each with their own storylines and rewards to help a resourceful business owner.

People are a resource!

Fire and rehire as your see fit, workers unhappy? Complaining about the corpses? That's their problem! Kick 'em to the curb and find someone who doesn't mind

the occasional mallaise of having to fight for their lives when you get raided by feds!

The competition is already cooking, so don't miss out and wishlist DNFC ready for January 18th!

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