Definitely Not Fried Chicken - Out Now into Early Access!

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Definitely Not Fried Chicken - Out Now into Early Access!

Hey everyone! DNFC is OUT NOW into Early Access! To celebrate the launch, the game will also be -15% off for a limited time.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business management sim with a Twist! Grow your drugs trade through legitimate fronts by managing both sides of the business. Acquire new "businesses", meet new clientele, Develop more potent narcotics, make lots of money and leave a city in ruin!

Features: 🧪 Start your drugs empire from the ground up, distributing Cannabis, Methamphetamine, and other goods to come through EA

🏪 Balance the demanding tasks of both your illegal drug trade and your “legit” businesses.

🏭 Build and customize your drug compound and business fronts. 💸 Upgrade your facilities and staff equipment for a better product and a bigger profit!

🎩 Design your empire, from fried chicken shops to laundromats to more high-end classier places later on.

💀Manage your workforce, hire & fire, and accommodate their wants and needs to do great work, or don't, criminals don't get rights! Get DNFC now: ➡