Bramble: The Mountain King - Patch Notes May 2023

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Bramble: The Mountain King - Patch Notes May 2023

Hey everyone,

We've pushed a patch live today for Bramble: The Mountain King on Steam. The reception to the game has been absolutely fantastic, and we thank everyone for playing and for the kind words relayed to the development team.

However, we have had a few reports of issues that players have been facing, and wanted to work to fix these to better improve the general experience of all of our amazing players!

Full patch details available here.

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- Fix an issue where the game sometimes would not save, and upon resuming the game after closing it down the player’s progress would only be in Nearby Forest. We have not been able to reproduce this issue ourselves so we cannot confirm the fix though.

- Fix an issue on steam deck and some PCs where the video on top of the lighthouse in Pesta did not play, and softlocks the player if it did not play. Now, the video might still not play on those machines, but in case it doesn’t play the video is skipped and the player can resume playing normally.

- Fix an issue where the main menu would receive input while fading in, and the “New Game” button would be auto-focused. This would make players accidentally press the “New Game” button while the menu is fading in. Now, the menu should not be intractable during the fade-in, and the “Continue” button should be auto-focused instead if the player has a save file with progress

- Improve the visibility of the hidden planks in the swamp by increasing the emissivity of the material.