Announcing Pixelshire!

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Announcing Pixelshire!

Hey everyone!

We are so excited to reveal Pixelshire, an exciting partnership with talented solo developer Vasilis at Kappa Bits. Pixelshire is a farming life-sim with unique sandbox town-building mechanics!

Set your own pace and live life on your own terms with the freedom to craft and shape your thriving new town.

Carve the landscape with terraforming, grow your population by meeting new villagers and work together with your neighbours as you adventure through procedurally generated mines and islands, each filled with creatures to battle and resources to collect.

Master skills and trades as you help fellow townsfolk with daily tasks, from tending livestock to interior decorating. Develop your repertoire of talents in everything from farming, mining, woodcutting, fishing, cooking, brewing, and many more just waiting to be mastered!

Get a head start on your journey in the land of Arcadia and join the Pixelshire Discord!

Join a team of your choice: fisherfolk, farmer or fighter!

  • Contribute ideas

  • Stay updated on the development of the game

  • Talk with the dev

  • Make new friends!

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