Selfloss is an emotional adventure game set in a Slavic-inspired whale-worshiping fantasy land. The old healer Kazimir makes an epic journey by boat and on foot in search of a ritual that can cure his soul wound. Meet memorable characters and use the light of your magic staff to fight Miasm - the mysterious affliction taking over the world.

The Magical Staff

Kazimir’s staff is central to the game’s mechanics and story, creating unique gameplay opportunities by controlling the staff both simultaneously and independently.

Take on enemies spawned by the Miasma with the searing light of your staff.

Find different ways to use your staff to solve puzzles and remove the stain of the Miasma from the world.

Explore by land and sea

Navigate the stunning world of Selfloss on foot or by boat.

Use the power of Kazimir’s staff to power your small boat through treacherous waters and winding rivers.

Explore to meet the various inhabitants of the world and bring a healers touch to ease their pain.

Experience an emotional journey

Enact the ritual of Selfloss, healing the wounds of those who have lost loved ones.
A powerful and moving soundtrack by Arigto elevates the emotional impact of Kazimir’s journey.

A unique and lore-rich world

Discover a sea-worshiping world with whale gods, inspired by the landscapes and tales of Iceland.

Unearth Slavic-inspired myths brought to life through the stories you encounter on your travels.

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