The Binding Of Isaac – Most Unholy Edition is here!

The Binding of Isaac is back….. with more contentious content than ever before….

With The Wrath of the Lamb update, Edmumd Mcmillen & Florien Himsl have added 50% more content to the Binding Of Isaac. We are talking about 100 more items, 5 more chapters, 20 new enemies, 15+ new bosses, 6 new room types, more achievements, new challenges, new characters and much  more.  Beware of The Wrath of The Lamb.’ve been warned!

The Most Unholy Edition includes; New Sticker, New box art and new soundtrack, Art book and Poster, Binding Of Isaac & The Wrath of the Lamb update.


Read full press release here…

Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Press Release

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