Nuclear Dawn Press


If we are having trouble keeping up with all the great Nuclear reviews coming in we cant even begin to imagine how much trouble you guys are having keeping up, so for your ease here are a list of (p)reviews from all over the web……Games without scores are previews…

  • La Chica Gamer – “this is a game that I recommend”
  • -” this game is like gold dust” 4/5
  •– “Nuclear Dawn is a unique game that has plenty to offer”
  • Everyday Gamers– “Given the enjoyment I’ve had in the beta, my appetite has certainly been whet for everything Interwave has tucked away in it’s post-apocalyptic vault”
  • KE Game Reviews– “To sum up i think Nuclear Dawn is a seed that will one day burst open and surprise us all. I think they have made this cross platform work which many thought was impossible. With a little time and care this could truly be a big league game.” 16/30 (Score Lowered as BETA version)
  • Rock Paper Shotgun – “choice you’ll find a natural home in Nuclear Dawn”
  • FPS Guru ” Great game. Fun to play and above average in quality. You should try it. An ambitious game with high production values” 7/10
  • Softpedia – “one great looking multiplayer game” 9/10
  • Muslim Gamer – “If your looking for a FPS to play with something different to offer, or if your a fan of both the FPS and RTS genre, the game can definitely keep you happy.” 8.5/10
  • Game Chronicles – ” Nuclear Dawn has shown us what a game is capable of doing.” 7.2/10
  • Intense Gaming TV  – “Personal Opinion: Worth price.” 8.5/10
  • AusGamers– ” Dedicated players will have some fun here” 8/10
  • Game Boyz -“this is a darned good game for the price” 8/10
  • Colony of Gamers – “this is a darned good game for the price” 8/10
  • FiringSquad – “What Nuclear Dawn does best is perhaps how it requires each team of players work together.” 8/10
  • Mash Those Buttons – “I had nothing but fun playing this game.” 4.4/5
  • Destructoid – “Nuclear Dawn could become the most important FPS game to arrive in a long time” 8/10
  • PCMMGM – “Definitely worth your time”
  • Default Prime – “Very Good” 4 / 5
  • Robot Geek – “Hours of fun, with more updates to come soon, a lot of bang for your buck” 4/5