Awesomenauts – Collector’s Edition is Coming Soon!


On the 28th of June, Awesomenauts will be available for you to own as a collectors edition!

Leap into the future and take part in the war for the universe. Gather a supreme group of mercenaries among your friends to assist you in defeating the enemy and securing your side’s position as supreme ruler of the galaxy. Strive for domination by destroying bases and holding no prisoners!

Awesomenauts – Collector’s Edition


Awesomenauts does more than simply adapt a successful formula, it does so with humor and panache. It has taken a genre typically dripping with grim fantasy and turned it playfully on its ear.” – Joystiq  4.5 / 5 stars

“Awesomenauts is a deep multiplayer battler with the approachability of a Saturday-morning cartoon.” – Gamespot  Score 8.0

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